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Studded vests and fast cars

This morning I woke up at 7 a.m. to go running in the park.
I want to use this month to get fit and toned.
I'm absolutely determinated.
Let's see how much does it last...

Than I went to Zara to get a look.
I found a great studded vest, but I left it there because I wasn't sure enough to buy it...but I took a photo of myself in the dressing room, and now, as much as I look at it, as much I need to have that vest NOW!!!
What do you think???

Enjoy this cover of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" by Mutya Buena.
The original is magic, but Mutya owns it as well.

4 commenti:

Vale ha detto...

Ma è meraviglioso questo gilet!!! Buon fine settimana cara.
Ho aperto un nuovo blog da un po' di tempo, se vuoi passarci, ti lascio il link

Misspenny ha detto...

Buon fine settimana a te cara! :-*
Farò sicuramente un sito sul tuo nuovo blog, che dal poco che ho già visto è fantastico come al solito! :)

Vale ha detto...

:-) grazie gioia!

Boo ha detto...

You should definitely buy it!

I went to Zara too and have just posted about the studs I bought...

I don't regret it!

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