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TV Series Mania

I've just watched the season 6 premiere of House:
what can I say?!? The episode was absolutely fantastic!
Hugh Laurie's performance blew me away.
(And I find him so sexy, but this is just an add! :D )

Than I watched the second episode of Gossip Girl and the premiere of The Beautiful Life as I promised you: Gossip Girl rules!!!
I think I'll not see TBL again because I found it boring, full of clichés ( the good-hearted farmer turned into a model who wants to change the rules of the system and his innocent friend model, that pukes sugar?!? Please...) and there isn't a single character that I'm interested in discover more.

Elbow - Grounds for divorce

500 miles

I'm so happy these days...
I've finally end the autumn session of exams, and they went so well.
Now I've some free time to do what I love most:
go shopping
read hundreds of books
go out with my friends
watch movies and tv series (I've almost finish the 5th season of House: gosh! I've abandoneded it for so much time that I had almost forgot how much I love it),
go around the city making some photos
and enjoy the smell of the early autumn days.

These boots are made for walking

They say that when a woman feels that it's time to change, she starts the revolution from her hair.
I start from my shoes.
With my new faboulous boots.

Fly free bird, fly

Yestarday I was in the subway, returning home, thinking that it was his birthday.
Surely he spended it with his new girlfriend, and I realised that I LOVE sympathize with myself when I'm sad, I ADORE soak in pain.
Maybe because it's simpler than ACT and FIGHT for something.

So fly free bird, fly.
The sky is the limit.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free bird

Sei come colla sulle dita

Ma tu non meriti più un battito di questa vita
per tutto quello che conta, se conta, sei come colla tra le dita.

Here comes the braid!

No, it's not the latest Lady Ga ga's look.
This afternoon, while I was studying, I try to recreate the beautiful braids Alexander Wang presented at NY Fashion week, and that I posted here.
I couldn't look at myself in the mirror, so I guess it's not a terrible result, but I have to work on it.
In front of the mirror and not reading a book, possibly.


I love you I. and you're the best, but sometimes you can be the worst friend on earth.

Btw, this afternoon I saw the first episode of the new "Gossip Girl" season. So cool and Carter Baizen is hooot!
In the next days I want to see the pilot of "The Beautiful Life": from what I saw, it's very similar to Gossip Girl, which means I hope I'll love it!

If it was that simple

I'm safe up high, nothing can touch me

Isn't it ironic?

It's meeting the man of my dreams
And then meeting his beautiful wife...

and then found that she is also smart and funny, so it's even hard to hate her.

Alanis Morrisette - Ironic

Where the wild roses grow

Do you know where the wild roses grow
So sweet and scarlet and free?

Nick Cave feat. Kylie Minogue - Where the wild roses grow

Would I be happy?

I just can't stop thinking about what my life would be if I would made a different choice.
Would I be happy?

Read my lips

Paramore - Ignorance

Keira oh Keira

Taylor Momsen

I usually don't like her so much, but here I have to admit that she's beautiful




Kings of Leon - Sex on fire

VMA's 2009

It's been about 5 years at least, that the VMA's weren't that good.
These two performances were my favourites:
Pink is a superheroine and Lady Ga ga is a natural born entertainer.

Well done girls!

Daria Werbowy with my new bag

Am I seeing double or the gourgeous Daria Werbowy is wearing my new bag?!?!?

Olivia Bee

I've already use this photo, but I didn't know who the photographer was.
Now I discover it.
Her name is Olivia Bee and her photos are amazing.
Check out her Flickr profile.
You will love it.

New arrival in my purse collection

I don't know why, but when I wear it, I feel like a strange mix between Robin Hood and Serena Van der Woodsen... :D

Coloured tenderness

God's gonna cut you down

Amazing song and video tribute

I've been a temptress too long (C)

Back to black

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