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So inspiring

I desperately need a b/w striped tee, but I can't find the perfect one :(

I'm not sure that I have the personality to sport sequined leggins, but I find them so beautiful if proper styled. You can try them at H&M

So effortless chic...I absolute LOVE these looks!

Love ripped jeans...same as above: I can't find the perfect ones!

Bowl them!

I can't decide who is more beautiful: Abby Lee or her amazing old school headphones?

Gigantic rings: a must have!

Chunky scarf /hoodie: I've just bought one at H&M. So confy and warm!
Higly recommended

Nerd eyeglasses: I just look horrible wearing them, but I like them so much on other people, specially beautiful girls like the one in the photo

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