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Studded vests and fast cars

This morning I woke up at 7 a.m. to go running in the park.
I want to use this month to get fit and toned.
I'm absolutely determinated.
Let's see how much does it last...

Than I went to Zara to get a look.
I found a great studded vest, but I left it there because I wasn't sure enough to buy it...but I took a photo of myself in the dressing room, and now, as much as I look at it, as much I need to have that vest NOW!!!
What do you think???

Enjoy this cover of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" by Mutya Buena.
The original is magic, but Mutya owns it as well.

Cover galore

Some of my favorite fashion magazine covers...

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold lion

Girl Crush: Gisele Bundchen

IMHO She is the last of the supermodels.
Tall, thin but not anorexic, toned, with gorgeous honey hair, she has an unconventional type of beauty.
I love her street style: simple (lots of t-shirts and jeans) but chic.

Where do I begin

Today: a carbon copy of yesterday.
Relax. Relax. Relax.

My obsession for The Stereophonics and for "You sexy thing" in particulary is alive and well, and I can absolutely say that it's MY song for the summer of 2009.

BTW enjoy this song from The Chemicals Brothers.
Smells of blue, rising sun, heat, water, summer.
Talk about synaesthesia.

The Chemical Brothers - Where do I begin

You sexy thing

Today I spent a very exhausting day...
Sun. A swimming pool. Ipod.

It's hard work but someone has to do it.

Stereophonics - You sexy thing
(this is definitely a Stereophonics' phase, please forgive me)

Sunday movie mania

For me Sunday is the "movie day": today I saw

Cute and not so stupid as I tought.

Intense in some parts and quite boring in others. IMHO Kate Winslet deserve the Oscar for "Revolutionary Road" instead of this.

And now...

Season 3.
Wilhelmina, Mark and Amanda are my favorite characters.
Their lines are so funny,witty and make me laugh everytime!

You can do all the things that you like to do

Happiness. Summer. Sun. Run. Freedom. Dreams.

Stereophonics - Pick a part that's new

Wild world's so hot that I can hardly think...
Yesterday I went house hunting with a friend of mine who has to move in the city from the suburbs, and in the evening I watched a movie at home with I. and a delicious
bowl of tiramisu.

We saw "Revolutionary Road" by Sam Mendes, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.
Amazing movie. The two have a great chemistry.
Welcome back Jack & Rose.
Kate's outifits are so summery and classy, and sometimes the photography reminded me of Gregory Crewdson's work "Dream house"

Mr. Big - Wild world

Keep on running, there's no place like home



Grrreat days!!!

Stereophonics - Dakota

[ 1st photo: by me
2nd photo: by Cobrasnake
3rd photo: unknown]

In the sun

Tomorrow I will spend the day in a beautiful place...

Micheal Stipe feat. Chris Martin - In the Sun

Girl Crush: Emmy Rossum

She seems very genuine, sweet and smart...a true rarity in Hollywood.
Plus her style is very basic but nice. Definitely a source of inspiration for everyday looks.

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