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Editorials: "Guilty" - Blake Lively by Craig McDean

(click on the photos to see them in HQ)

Watch the backstage video here

[via Noir Façade]

4 commenti:

Johnalene Baylon ha detto...

This is such an awesome editorial, I didn't even realize it was Blake Lively although I thought the model looked like her. Mind if I republish this on my blog? Will be crediting you and the photographer. This is really awesome I'm loving it!

Misspenny ha detto...

I'm glad you liked it Johnalene! ;)
Of course you can republishing it :)

Have a nice Sunday!

Marta ha detto...

la adoro, è assolutamente stupenda! anche se trovo ch eqst foto nn le rendano giustizia U.U

Misspenny ha detto...

mmm invece secondo me è lei che in questo caso non rende giustizia alle foto...ha la stessa identica espressione in tutte! =_='

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