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MY Life in pics: "Villa d'Este"

Villa d'Este is a villa situated in Tivoli, near Rome. Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, it's a fine example of Renaissance architecture and the Italian Renaissance garden.
For more infos about the villa click here.

Le Cento Fontane (The Hundred Fountains)
The Fontana dell'Ovato ("Oval Fountain")
Pirro Ligorio's Gran Loggia on the garden front
 [all photos by me]

This is one of my favourite places and if you have the chance to visit Rome, be sure to save one day to visit it.

4 commenti:

Marina ha detto...

mi piace il tuo blog, ti seguo
ciao Marina

Misspenny ha detto...

Ciao Marina!
Grazie :)

k ha detto...

amazing scenery!

Misspenny ha detto...

@ magdalena: yes, you feel like a princess when you walk in those beautiful gardens :)

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