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Life in pics wants YOU! Alina Trifan, aka Pandalina


Her name is Alina Trifan, aka Pandalina.
She's just turned 18, born and raised in Moldavia but from five years she's living in Italy with her family.
She's a student (liceo scientifico) and in her free time she takes photos of her friends, family and people in the streets.

Here is what she says about her passion:
"Basically, I take photos to remember where I was and whom I saw.
My inspiration is life in general. I love fashion photography, movies and I also take inspiration from different blogs."

[to discover more about Pandalina's work, visit her photoblog and her Flickr]

If you are an emergent photographer and want to be featured on this blog like Pandalina, 
click here to know how to do it.

2 commenti:

Pandalina ha detto...

I wrote a blog post about the feature.

Thank you once again! <3

Misspenny ha detto...

Thank you dear ;)

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