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Fotografica mente Luna photo contest: "Autumn"

The lovely Luna has organized a great contest to share our passion for photography.
The first theme that was chosen is "Autumn".
It's certainly not my favourite season, but it has its charm.
For the contest, I wanted to capture the beautiful colors of the leaves fallen from the trees, but I was really sick so I had to stay at home, but that didn't stop me.

So this year to me, autumn is a synonym of the sound of raindrops beating on the windows, that with their coldness try to blow out the warmness that I feel inside...

Here are the links of the others participants:

Luna Simoncini:

Lucia Moretti:


Dario Ferrari Photos:





Ilena Gini:

Fabiola Giannini:!/photo.php?fbid=1659514018760&set=a.1073841017301.13081.1564447298 


1 commenti:

Luna Simoncini ha detto...

va benissimo comunque cara!
grazie per aver partecipato nonostante tutto!
guarisci presto :)
un bacione

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