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MY Life in pics: "The Dying Town"

Civita di Bagnoregio is an amazing town near Viterbo, Central Italy, founded by Etruscans over twenty-five hundred years ago.
It is also known as "The Dying Town" because it is placed up on a friable volcanic tuff, in costant danger of destruction as its edges fall off, leaving the buildings built on the plateau to crumble.
The population today varies from about 12 people in winter to over 100 in the summer.

Here you are some shots that I made during my trip in this fairy village.
I hope you like them :)

(click on the photos to see them in HQ) 

 [all the photos by me]

2 commenti:

Camille Marie ha detto...

seems so serene. i wonder how life is there for the people that live there.

Misspenny ha detto...

I wonder it too

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